Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Joy that Makes the Weakest Strong

He often uses songs and poetry to shepherd me through seasons of life.
I'm loving the poetry of Amy Carmichael, set to music by Jim Spencer.

This poem, His Faithfulness, is especially meaningful to me this morning as I look at the week ahead - farewelling our home at Seabrook called Once Upon a Time.

Anticipating joy...

O wind of God, blow through the trees;
O birds of God, come sing your song;
For now I know the joy that frees,
The joy that makes the weakest strong.

The vapors march in shining crowds,
High in the trackless roads of air;
I look, and lo, unto the clouds,
His faithfulness is even there!

Pass foolish fears; the fresh winds blow;
O birds of God, come sing with me.
My God is faithful this I know;
My Father, I have all in Thee.